Here's something you don't see often.

Former NFL Quarterback and ESPN commentator Robert Griffin III was with his crew in Seattle for the first Monday Night Football game of the season when he decided to compete in a foot race...against a hawk. A real hawk.

The best part? He won.

Taima is the Seattle Seahawks mascot. She hovered above the gliding right above the turf while RG3 looked like he was in college, running the 40 in a suit! I was pretty impressed, while also having a giggle fit over this video.

At the end of the video, much to the dismay of Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere, Griffin says "I think the Cowboys just called me!"

As a Cowboys fan, all I can say is: too soon.

The internet is cackling too. I think this is what NFL pre-shows need to break up all of the stats and game talk. It was great to see the more light-hearted energy these guys bring.

Here's some tweets

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