During the Seattle Seahawks MNF matchup against the Detroit Lions, Jimmy Graham gave a pretty thorough clinic on how NOT to play tight end in the NFL.

Of course, Graham is touted as one of the best tight ends in the league—but I think its safe to say the majority of that title is credited to his receiving.

did everything but valet park Detroit Lions linebacker Travis Lewis' car, gifting him a wide open lane to make a tackle in the backfield.

The Seahawks tight end has been criticized throughout his career for being "soft" and lacking severely when it comes to blocking duties. Monday Night Football analysts Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis pulled no punches, calling Graham a "queen tight end."

He is unwilling and incapable to hold up in the run game as an in-line tight end. He’s more of a spectator than a blocker. They’re averaging zero yards per carry when he lines up as an in-line tight end.

Is Graham really this bad when it comes to blocking, or do you think this is his way of saying he wants the ball more in an offense that has yet to use him the way the Saints did—a role that made him the standout tight end that he is today.

Watching that video only further proves the Saints may have been on to something by trading him away—especially after the comments Graham made earlier this week in a tweet that was quickly deleted.

As the old saying goes—Jimmy, we have "one less problem without you."

Signed, The WhoDat Nation.

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