One of the first things they teach you in crook school is to make a clean getaway. Grab your loot and get somewhere safe. This guy must have been absent that day.

According to KPEL 96.5, "Acadia Parish Sheriff’s deputies were able to track down Dustin Simon, a man they say took a Polaris from a home on Branch Highway.

Tuesday night around 10 o’clock the sheriff’s office received a call regarding the Polaris Ranger and other items being stolen from a home in the 12000 block of Branch Highway near Church Point.

After the items were taken a witness called into the department to say someone had just crashed a Polaris Ranger on Beatrice Road near Branch. Sheriff Wayne Melancon says they finally arrested 27-year-old Dustin Simon of Church Point after a search.

Simon was taken into custody around 8:30 Wednesday, and was subsequently transported to the Acadia Parish Jail. Simon faces charges on simple burglary, felony theft, aggravated flight from an officer and possession of klonopin, valium and subutex.

So far no bond has been set for Simon.  Sheriff Melancon says he is very thankful that area farmers helped deputies in the search by providing four wheelers."