Baton Rouge police arrested a man who was spotted driving an ATV while holding a toddler.

On Friday, (Sep. 2) around 4:30 p.m. police say they located a man driving a purple four-wheeler on Saguaro Avenue near Florida Boulevard. The man was holding a small child with him on the ATV and police say neither was wearing a helmet or any protective gear.

When the individual realized police were approaching, he swerved quickly and sped through fields to evade the authorities. After navigating through back roads the man was eventually confronted by officers who pulled out in front of him on Main Street.

After the man was stopped police were able to identify him as 26-year-old Jorey Bryant of Baton Rouge. Police also learned the 1-year-old boy was his son and the toddler was eventually released to a relative.

Investigators were also able to later learn that Bryant was promoting a drag racing/street takeover event called "Midcity Madness" on his Instagram account that was set to take place on Saturday and allegedly included plans to shut down the Mississippi River bridge.

Police also found an illegally-concealed gun on Bryant who told them a friend gave him the weapon.

Bryant was arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge prison on the following charges:

  • Drag racing on a public road
  • Criminal negligence
  • Child desertion
  • Illegal carrying of a weapon
  • Reckless operation of an off-road vehicle

Bryant's bond was set at $5,500. See the full story here via WBRZ.

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