Harrowing video shows a Nashville police officer being dragged by an ATV.

Nashville police are asking for help identifying the driver of that ATV—one of an estimated 100 dirt bikes, motorcycles, four-wheelers, and all-terrain vehicles that were weaving in and out of traffic and parked vehicles.

Police described the swarm of ATVs as an illegal take over of a major Nashville road this past Saturday afternoon. One of the ATVs struck Sgt. John Bourque, dragging him down the road before slamming him into a gate along the side of the road. Suspects immediately fled the scene.

According to an Uber driver in the area who wanted to remain anonymous

It was just nuts. I was just driving down on Broadway, headed towards the river. I just saw a ton of ATVs and dirt bikes, coming down the road, doing wheelies and burning out. They were pretty wild, wild and all over the place. They all had masks on over their faces, and really reckless. They seemed like a pretty rambunctious crew.

The ATVs didn't go away after Saturday according to LaShonda Parks-Bailey who told reporters about an ATV that crashed into her son's car while they were heading to church.

He lost control of the four-wheeler, and it flipped over on the hood of my son’s car. They ran up the street. He got on a bike with another one of the riders, and a black truck pulled up, scooped everything up. They just went on about their way, like nothing ever happened.

Police are asking locals to contact them with any information on the group of raucous ATV riders.

nashville police officer dragged atv

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