The city of Boston suffered through a terrible ordeal this week after the Boston Marathon bombings and their subsequent suspect manhunt created surreal scenes on both Monday and Friday. Bostonians were intermittently given orders to clear the streets and stay at home so that police and first responders could do their jobs.

With the residents under so much stress, and without being glib about the grave events of the week, it's not surprising that some citizens took to bars and taverns to drink away some of their worry. For some people, Thursday night drinking led to flirty text messages, booty calls and a hook-up, like Esquire writer Dan McCarthy, who found himself trapped with his one-night stand when Boston issued the 'shelter-in-place' order on Friday morning.

"I woke up this morning with the standard one-night-stand accoutrements (booze sweats, eyes and brain feeling like they’ve just come out of the microwave, an embarrassing case of gastrointestinal unrest)…Then I hopped over to the TV and turned on CNN.

"And it was then when I realized I had a problem. The whole city was locked down. Taxis were suspended. Public transit shuttered. Cops were going house to house. Armored vehicles were roaming the streets. No one could go out. You weren’t even supposed to open the door unless it was for a cop."

Most people have felt trapped in a relationship — even a 12-hour one — at some point. The authorities should have sought out McCarthy to help with the search. Dude was so eager to get out of the apartment that he wrote a missive for his job when he could have been getting some sweet love (he did that, too, by the way). After enduring, adapting and overcoming, McCarthy was able to celebrate the suspect's capture with the rest of Boston on Friday night. Hopefully he had the sense to sleep in his own bed.

(Photo above of "Misery," which is not a love story)

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