So, Words With Friends is still a thing...on your phone. Well, now you can play it face to face, cause there's now a Words With Friends board game for some reason. Everyone already knows that Words With Friends is a blatant rip-off of Scrabble. But gets worse.

Hasbro, the original makers of Scrabble TEAMED UP WITH ZYNGA to make the Words With Friends board game!!! They're also making other popular, or not so popular, Zynga game apps into board games.


We’re pleased to offer this exciting news from toymaker Hasbro and the popular online gaming line Zynga! This fall you can now enjoy, for the first time, the fun of FarmvilleCityville and (the one I’m most excited about!) Words with Friends as board games. All the games will include codes for digital enhancements, such as Farm Cash, City Cash or enhanced Words with Friends features. To redeem the unique codes, you must be 13 years or older and have a valid Facebook account.

With the exception of Cityville Skies which is available this December, games will be available starting in October 2012 at major toy retailers or at


In hindsight, it's not as bizarre as it sounds. Hasbro basically jumped on something that rebrands their product, and all of the work was done by another company! They coulda sued and got a little money, and stopped Zynga from releasing it, or they could attach their name to it, and make a lot more money. So, kinda smart on their part.


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