Do people really throw cast iron skillets at each other? I remember in many an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies Granny would whomp Jethro on the noggin with a skillet. It all seemed like good fun and games. While we were laughing we never really contemplated the physical damage a good chunk of iron could do to a human skull.

This particular incident occurred in Washington Parish. That's the northernmost parish in southeast Louisiana. It's north of New Orleans and right next to Mississippi.

It appears that the catalyst for all of this iron chunking was the instigator of family violence for decades, the board game. I can't count the times a roll of the dice and hotels on Boardwalk led to both my brother and me getting grounded for weeks at a time.

In this case, Kurtis Strong and Venus Camacho were playing a board game with Strong's mother and a friend. Based on the fact that Strong and his girlfriend reacted violently against his mother and her friend we can only assume that something went very wrong with the game they were playing or the conversation surrounding the game.

Both the mother and the friend were physically attacked by Camacho and Strong and besides bare hands and fists, a cast iron skillet was involved. The two ladies were transported to a hospital for treatment of their injuries. Both Camacho and Strong face charges of aggravated battery. Strong has an additional charge of domestic abuse battery by strangulation.

Perhaps the next time, if there is a next time this family gets together, they should opt for playing Solitare.


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