Two years ago, Morgan City man Jason Dinger had an idea for a board game called "Captains Of The Gulf". Little did he know that his idea would manifest into a big hit in the worldwide gaming community. reports Dinger, a former Army corporal, enjoys woodworking and playing board games in his spare time. Two years ago he came up with the idea to create a board game about fishing in the Gulf of Mexico called "Captains of the Gulf". It seems he came up with a winner because European board game company Spielworxx picked it up, and it has been sold out on presales at online stores!

"It's surreal because my intention was never to be published but to create something unique that (my wife) Donna and I could enjoy together that celebrates my heritage. It's a literal dream come true. I'm more of a wallflower. I don't like a lot of attention. So it's cool but it's kind of awkward. Not in a bad way — I'm just not used to all the attention." is one site you might be able to get one, if you're lucky enough to snatch one before they sell out again.

They describe the game by saying "South Louisiana has a long, rich history of delicious Cajun dishes like gumbos and jambalayas. A big part of what makes these meals so great is the seafood in them that is fished from the Gulf of Mexico. The men and women who run the shrimp boats that fish that seafood have to be both hard-working and crafty, finding the optimum strategy to bring in the best catch. They are the 'Captains of the Gulf'".

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Captains OF The Gulf

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