Advancement in forecasting technology has made it possible for scientists to anticipate where the next big tropical system will form and where it might go. Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center, using some of the latest satellite and forecasting technology are now suggesting that a strong tropical wave rolling off of Africa could become the 2017 Hurricane Season's next named storm.

This tropical wave hasn't even officially made it to the warm waters of the tropical Atlantic but with their eye in the sky forecasters are projecting by the middle of next week there is a strong possibility a tropical cyclone will be in the mid-Atlantic ocean traveling in the direction of the Windward Islands.

Should the forecast track hold and the system strengthen this tropical wave could earn the name Franklin. A storm developing from a tropical wave off the African continent wouldn't be unusual for this time of year. As we grow closer to the peak of the hurricane season storm formation near the coast of Africa is quite common.

Will this system affect Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico? Obviously, it's way too early to make that prediction. The bottom line is this, preparation is the key to getting through the tropical season. It's better to know what's coming than to be surprised like many in Florida were when Tropical Storm Emily spun up in less than 24 hours earlier this week.

We will keep you posted on the latest developments with this and any other tropical system so do check back with us often.


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