Tim McMorris sings of being “overwhelmed by you” in his tune ‘Overwhelmed,’ but the most powerful thing in his life these days may be his seemingly sudden success. After having his tune ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ featured in both Adidas and Toyota commercials, the singer-songwriter has struck gold again — or, more specifically, amber –by having the tune featured in a Sam Adams commercial, and it’s a perfect fit.

The jangly, goosebump inducing number goes well with the storyline of the Boston lager pitch, which features beer makers at work and at play, putting in their time crafting their brew from a bounty of wholesome ingredients. It sure is fun brewing beer — or, at the very least, they make it look damn fun — and also hard work, but as the ad says, there’s a good reason for all the fuss: they do it for the love of beer.

But the advertising world isn’t the only one paying attention to McMorris. ‘Overwhelmed’ is now also not only available on iTunes but making a mark there, having recently reached the Top 10 in the U.S. under the singer/songwriter category. Not bad for an amateur musician who has been selling his music for several years in relative obscurity through a crowd sourcing licensing website.

Watch the Sam Adams Commercial Featuring Tim McMorris’ ‘Overwhelmed’

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