Somebody did it, they made a Chevy truck commercial after the video of a red Chevy truck was flipped during a violent tornado in Elgin, Texas earlier this week. The tornado flipped the truck, spun it around, flipped it right side up again and the 16-year-old driver...drove off!

The driver of the red pickup in that now-famous video out of Texas has been identified as 16-year-old Riley Leon. He told the press, he's lucky to be alive. The tornado tossed his truck around on HWY 290 in Elgin like it was a toy. Riley said it was a shocking moment for him. Leon amazingly drove off with only scrapes on his arm.

Well, it didn't take a genius to see this coming...someone made an amateur Chevy truck commercial using the original video of the Chevy Silverado flipping on Monday. And now it's getting as many views on the internet as the original video.

The spoof commercial contains the original video, the Bob Seger song "Like a Rock" and the Chevrolet logo. Chevy truck sales are predicted to skyrocket.

Original Video of Chevy Silverado Flipping and Driving Off

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band "Like a Rock"

New Chevrolet "Like a Rock" Commercial

The 16-year-old driving the Chevy pickup, the owner of the original video and Bob Seger...a Texas tornado just changed your lives.

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