did a little survey of sorts, asking people what the top Louisiana sports teams of all time were. These are the top 37 of those teams. The Ragin Cajuns are suspiciously absent from this list...

This list is comprised of teams of any sport. College and professional teams are included. Number 1 is pretty obvious. But do you notice the lack of a certain school's sports prowess that is missing?

1. 2009 New Orleans Saints
2. 1958 LSU football
3. 1960-61 Grambling men's basketball
4. 1991 LSU baseball
5. 2003 LSU football
6. The LSU women's track program (with 25 indoor and outdoor national titles, choosing which one would be its own poll)
7. 1996 LSU baseball
8. 1992 New Orleans Saints
9. 2000 LSU baseball
10. 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets
11. 2011 LSU football
12. 1967-68 New Orleans Buccaneers
13. 1991 New Orleans Saints
14. 1981-82 Louisiana Tech women's basketball
15. 1934 Tulane football
16. 1997 LSU baseball
17. 2011 New Orleans Saints
18. 2009 LSU baseball
19. 2007 LSU football
20. 1955-56 McNeese State men's basketball
21. 1980-81 Louisiana Tech women's basketball
22. 1993 LSU baseball
23. 2005 Tulane baseball
24. 1980-81 LSU men's basketball
25. 1940-41 Xavier men's basketball
26. 1987-88 Louisiana Tech women's basketball
27. 2006 New Orleans Saints
28. The LSU men's track program (6 indoor and outdoor national championships)
29. 2001 Tulane baseball
30. 2005-06 LSU men's basketball
31. 2007-08 LSU women's basketball
32. 1998 Tulane football
33. 2005-06 LSU women's basketball
34. 1987 New Orleans Saints
35. 1985-86 LSU men's basketball
36. 2004-05 LSU women's basketball
37. 1986-87 UNO men's basketball

There are no UL teams, or USL teams, on this list. No mention of the 3 bowl games in a row that UL's football team won. No mention of this current UL baseball team that was number 1 in the country, and is hosting Super Regionals this weekend. What about the 2000 UL baseball team that went to the College World Series? They only had THE play of the entire series when Steven Feehan stole home. How dominant has Ragin Cajun softball been over the years? The Ragin Cajuns basketball teams from the 60's were ranked in the top 5 in the country.

On the other side of things, this is from There's a lot of mention of New Orleans based teams. That still doesn't explain teams like McNeese, and La. Tech showing up.

Did the 2000 UL baseball team win the World Series? No, LSU actually won that year. So we can give them the nod. And this year's baseball team is working their way toward the World Series, so it's not set in stone yet.

Do you think there are any Ragin Cajuns teams that deserve to be on this list?

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