The Sun Belt Conference took a thorough look at the game against the Ragin' Cajuns and Arkansas State last Tuesday. They have now handed out reprimands to both the Cajuns and Arkansas State, as well as the officiating crew.

A total of five players and two Ragin' Cajuns assistant coaches were reprimanded for their conduct by the SBC. The officiating crew will also serve a one week suspension.

The officiating crew is the same crew that SBC commissioner Karl Benson reprimanded just three weeks ago for a blown call in the Cajuns win over Georgia State.

Things were rather heated toward the end of the Cajuns/Arkansas St. game. Referees ultimately threw eight flags for unsportsmanlike conduct, and ejected two players from Arkansas St.

Here's what Benson had to say:

“Numerous incidents occurred during last week’s game that required me to conduct an extensive and detailed review,” Benson said in the statement. “Everyone associated with the Sun Belt Conference, including student-athletes, coaches, officials and administrators, is expected to act with a level of conduct and decorum that includes integrity, fair play and respect for others. In my review, I found that multiple individuals associated with this game did not meet these expectations of fair play and sportsmanship.”

But what caused all of this? In the conference news release, it says Arkansas St. defensive back Frankie Jackson “committed a flagrant act that went unnoticed by game officials and could have led to a serious injury” to Cajuns left tackle Mykhael Quave on an extra point attempt in the fourth quarter. This hit seems to have ignited the post-game fire.

The only Cajuns player reprimanded was defensive back Corey Trim for committing multiple acts of unsportsmanlike conduct including when he threw a punch at an Arkansas St. player that was missed by officials.

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