Ragin' Cajun Tailgate TV is back, and the pits (and fans) were fired up again for the home opener against Northwestern State.

Spending time with Cajun Nation before home games is easily the most fun I have at my job, so I was beyond excited to get out in the masses to see how much everybody missed some pigskin action...and me. I know I missed them.

A few things changed this season though: I got a new haircut, grew a beard, and got hooked up with some new, sweet swag from the sponsors. Hampton Toyota let me drive the coin car (pictured below) to the tailgate, and it turned more heads than a Lamborghini. On top of that, I gave away my first $100 gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoor...and I'll be giving one away every home game.

This week, Krewe Sans Manches shows us their new hierarchy system, and I dole out some equality for the ladies. Former Ragin' Cajun Offensive Lineman Daniel Quave makes a cameo, and he admits that things might get a little misty in his first game as a fan. Of course, there were the mouth-watering sights from the grill and gumbo pots floating through the air as well. Even the weather decided to play a perfect part.

Football was back, and it felt like heaven. I can't wait to get back out and see what Cajun Field has to offer when Akron comes to town. What will I do for the next two weeks? The anticipation is already killing me.

I'm just glad I got to drive the Coin Car. It was straight money.


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