It was the final home game of the season, and I spent it with the best fans in the country for Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV.

With the early kickoff at 11:00, I was out bright and early with the rest of the early risers, looking for a morning party.

Of course, I went looking for the food too. The pits were fired up, with pork loins, deer sausage, pork chops and steaks galore. I found Dave all the way in the corner of the tailgate area, and he explained to me the difference between breakfast boudin and regular boudin.

Then, I ran into a couple former Ragin' Cajuns football players at the tailgate. Andre Huval, Brett Baer and their boy Thibodaux were having a good time, and the leader of the tailgate hit me with a Coach Hud impression.

They already had a banner on their tailgate dubbing them the "Best Tailgate of 2016," so I had to ask them what their secret was.

In his best Coach Hud voice, Thibodaux gave credit to their hard work, devotion and willingness to get out early to be the best. They held onto the rope...literally.

I was tempted to take Brett with me, since he killed it so hard last time I had him on Tailgate TV, but I decided to give him a break and let him kick it with his friends. Get it? Kick it? I'll admit, that joke was too easy.

Brett, Andre and Thibodaux took home the backback cooler from Service Chevrolet, which could come in handy on all those hunting trips Huval takes.

The winner of the $100 Academy gift card was our youngest recipient of all time. His name was Asher, and it was only his second tailgate ever.

Asher's parents already did the math, and he could be a member of the Ragin' Cajuns recruiting class in 2032. From my early scouting, he looks like a four-star linebacker, maybe a running back. When I pulled out the gift card, he grabbed it immediately, then tried to eat it. He has a hunger for excellence.

It was another fun season of Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV, and I want to thank Academy Sports and Outdoor and Service Chevrolet Cadillac for hopping on board and hooking up the fans every week. Most importantly though, I want to thank all of the members of Cajun Nation.

You crazy tailgaters make this the most fun part of my job. Every home game, you guys feed me the most delicious food on the planet, crack me up with jokes and share your little slice of heaven with my camera crew and I. There's no place else I would rather be on Saturdays in the fall, so thank you for welcoming me each and every week.

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