If you've been to an Acadiana area McDonald's recently, you might have seen a new design on the french fry boxes. No longer red with the McDonald's logo, but new, artistic designs. The question, why? Well, there's a pretty cool answer.

McDonald's has teamed up with World Cup Soccer, and leading up to the 2014 games, you can interact with those artistic fry boxes with your smart phone. Search for McDonald's GOL in the App Store and Google Play, you can now have an augmented reality experience with your fast food. When you line up your phone with the fry box, it becomes a sort-of soccer goal, and you can 'kick' soccer balls into the goal on your phone.

Will it be enough to make soccer the dominant sport in the US? Probably not, but it's still a pretty cool marketing idea, and another way to avoid human contact throughout your lunch.


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