The search effort to find Mickey Shunick will have a new home. As the size of searches has been scaled back, the area needed for organizing has decreased. Now, thanks to the generosity of a local landlord, the search team will have an actual office space on Johnston St.

In a story reported by KATC TV3, Margaret Bearb, a volunteer organizer talked about closing the effort at Blackham. "We want to close the doors here but we want to have the other doors open, so that way there's no closure. We want Mickey to know that we are still here for her and that we're not giving up the search."

Bearb said Landry Properties donated vacant office space for the new volunteer headquarters. She said the new location will offer a more profession, stream lined approach to search efforts, that's still open to the public.

The smaller, more organized volunteer team will continue the search for Mickey through social media, printing fliers and selling t-shirts from the new office. All donated supplies will also be kept there on stand by. The new volunteer center is located in the South College Shopping Center, 2811 Johnston Street.

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