For almost 30 years, the bars in Maurice have been staying open until 3am, an hour later than Lafayette bars. Starting in March, that extra hour will disappear after the Board Of Alderman voted for closing time to now be 2am.

Chief of Police Warren Rost pushed for the change, citing a concern for drinking and driving, and police calls to the bar after 2 a.m.

From KATC -

"If your business depends on one extra hour a night for two nights or If your business depends on those two hours, there's something wrong with the business," says Maurice Chief of Police Warren Rost.

"It was when the rural areas changed their closing times. Until that point in time, we didn't have any issues. Does it bring in more revenues for the bars? Yes. Does it cause more issues for the police department? Yes. But you have to look at the balance between the two," says Mayor Wayne Theriot.

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