With his hand over his heart and the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background 3 year old Nathan sent his fish Dori "out to sea".

Nathan's mom, Danielle, posted the video of her son and husband saying their final goodbyes to Dori on Facebook on March 27th and it has since received thousands of views. Danielle captioned the video by telling the adorable story of Dori's departure.

My son Nathan’s fish died two days ago but he wouldn’t let us flush him down the toilet because “he didn‘t want people to forget about him”. So we found a box and put him in our freezer to bury him in our backyard. Well today, Luke talked Nathan into “sending Dori out to Sea”. Nathan agreed but wanted a proper send off with The Star Spangled Banner and all.

After flushing the toilet Nathan gives one last salute saying "fair winds, Dori" to his fish as he sends her "out to sea".

When your 4 year old requests a proper send off for his pet fish you know you must be doing something right!

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