A brawl broke out at a funeral in Shreveport, Louisiana last weekend and it was all caught on camera.

During the service at Peaceful Rest Baptist Church for 24-year-old Orlando Puryear, Jr. a huge brawl erupted and it was reportedly started by the uncle of the deceased person.

Witnesses in the church say that the fight lasted for several minutes until police entered the church and intervened in the chaos.

One lady says that she fell to the ground while praying for it to all stop.

KTAL reports, "That the man who started the fight was arrested for disturbing the peace, as police say the victim did not want to press charges."

Some on social media speculate that the brawl may have all started when the accused killer showed up for Puryear's service

The church was evacuated after the fight so that police could get the scene under control.

The young man who the service was being held for died as a result of a shootout on the weekend of July 4th.

Here's footage and the report from inside of the church in Shreveport.


Another video of the altercation from inside the church has surfaced on Twitter, and this video was edited with a very popular rap song encouraging people to not fight.

Here's reaction to the fight at this funeral service.

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