Open enrollment for the Obamacare state insurance exchange began October 1, 2013, leaving many Americans wondering, "how does all this apply to me?". KPEL 96.5 would like to provide some clarity in this time of confusion.

On Thursday, October 3, KPEL 96.5 along with the Louisiana Department of Insurance will be hosting an Obamacare Insurance Exchange Q&A session. We invite anyone and everyone with healthcare related questions and concerns to call in to our hotlines where Louisiana Department of Insurance representatives Rachael Lundy and Sharon Arnold will be standing by, answering phone calls from 7am to 9am.

The number to call:


When to call:

Phone lines will be open from 7am to 9am on Thursday, October 3.

Why to call:

To ask healthcare experts questions regarding coverage changes, state exchange enrollment, tax liability, government subsidies, general insurance concerns, etc.


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