It all happened rather quickly. First, singer, Caleb Followill, left the stage in Dallas with promises to return, but never did. Next, they cancelled the remaining dates of their U.S. tour. The supposed cause of this was 'vocal issues and exhaustion'. Now, according to Rolling Stone, sources close to the band say that the real reason is Caleb's drinking problem. 


If you've ever read a story from a magazine, or watched their home videos, it's no real news that the Kings are fond of the drink. So, is this REALLY surprising? It's gonna catch up with you sooner rather than later, especially when you're a hugely successful rock band that gets all the free booze you want, and was already well on their way before they achieved said success. Here's more from Rolling Stone:

caleb followill

" insider close to the band has told Us Weekly that the real reason for the cancellation is to do with the singer's drinking problem. 'They are trying to get Caleb to go to rehab,' the source says. '[That's why] they ended up canceling the whole tour. He drinks like a fish.'

Though bassist Jared Followill hinted at major issues in the band in a series of tweets over the weekend, the Kings of Leon's representative is sticking with the exhaustion story, and told Us Weekly that the band "look forward to getting back on the road at the end of September." The band may be reluctant to address Caleb Followill's apparent drinking problem because that information could lead to major financial and legal hassles regarding the cancellation of the tour."

No matter what the real deal is, I say, Get better soon, Caleb! We wish you the best!

For the full story check out Rolling Stone.

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