There's no official lineup for Lollapalooza yet, but the Chicago Tribune is reporting that music heavyweights Kings of Leon, Skrillex, Arctic Monkeys and Eminem will be among this year's headliners, according to what it calls "industry sources."

All four acts have played Lollapalooza before, but this will be Arctic Monkey's first time playing on a big stage as headliners. The band has been enjoying an upswing in its fan base lately.

Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys will get the chance to rescue guitar-based rock and pop music from the dollar bin of history. Best of luck to them.

Otherwise, this year's fest -- taking place Aug. 1-3 in Chicago -- might be catering to the hip-hop and dance kids with Eminem and Skrillex, the Grammy Award-winning EDM artist best known for taking music and torturing it until it sounds like our future robot overlords taking a digital dump on our collective human faces for the hell of it.

The Chicago Tribune at least implied that Lollapalooza is partly, if not completely, to blame for Skrillex's otherwise inexplicable rise to stardom.

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