Ever had that frustrating experience of returing to your vehicle after shopping, eating, etc, and finding a parking ticket on the windshield? Well, it's never fun, even if the ticket isn't expensive. Well, sometimes a complete stranger can help you from getting said ticket. Reddit user KidderBoots had an experience in which they returned to their vehicle to find a piece of paper looking like a parking ticket, but instead was this note, which can be seen below:


This good Samaritan, saw the police attempting to give KidderBoots a parking ticket and ran over and told the police that the car was theirs and the cops decided not to write the ticket. Then, this mysterious individual then left a note which read:

Hey, saw the parking police roll up about to give your car a ticket. I ran over, pulled out my keys and said 'sorry, I'm right here'. She drove off. If you're reading this, pass on the karma if the cops reading this.

This individual, then used the infmaous quote from Star Wars' Obi-Wan Kenobi:

These aren't the droids you're looking for.


- Citizen of Earth

If all people were like this, imagine the world as we know it!

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