Paul Stanley Reddit AMA
Obviously we couldn't get Paul Stanley of KISS in studio to read these Reddit AMA answers. He was a little busy getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While reading through his answers, though, we imagined the answers being read in character. So, we made a video of it. Enjoy!
The Best Things I Saw On Reddit Today
Reddit is a strange and unusual place. The "redditors" are very protective of their brand. But damn it, you can find some great stuff, as they label themselves the "Front Page of the Internet". Here are the best things I saw on Reddit today.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Infamous Lines From His Movies
Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka The Governator, aka the Gummy Bear of Candycornia, recently did an AMA on Reddit telling fans to ask him to quote infamous lines from his movies. Pretty cool on the former Govenor's part, and yes, he does say "Get To The Choppa" seen first!
Kind Person Saves Stranger From Getting A $65 Parking Ticket
Ever had that frustrating experience of returing to your vehicle after shopping, eating, etc, and finding a parking ticket on the windshield? Well, it's never fun, even if the ticket isn't expensive. Well, sometimes a complete stranger can help you from getting said ticket.
Is This The Shortest But Scariest Horror Story Ever?
On reddit, a question was posed. "What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?" There were many two sentence stories that were pretty creepy. To us, this one took the cake. Keep reading to see the story.