Who doesn't like a feel-good story that comes full circle?

Late last night a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook that showed a Lafayette man helping out a stranger in need.

Scott Landry made the original post on Facebook detailing a situation that he witnessed at the RaceTrac on Louisiana Avenue. After speaking with the man who was helping the woman with a flat tire, he realized the man was homeless.

I chit chat with him as he is paying to fill the ladies tire up and I ask him if he lives around there. He says he lives in a tent in the woods behind the store.

After he put the story up on social media, it was shared over 1000 times and people in the comments wanted to reach out to show gratitude to the good samaritan. One Facebook user shared his encounter after tracking the man down.


I found the Good Samaritan. He said I could give out his name Randy Head. I showed him the post and told him it was going viral and he immediately started crying. I asked him if he met my friend Tyler Loftin and he said tyler gave the stuff to the wrong guy. I said I’m so sorry and randy IMMEDIATELY said his friend needed the stuff as much as him and it was ok. He was living in a teepee but he recently got a tent. I told him people wanted to help and would he be interested in a motel for a week while we try to help him with a long term plan for him to get back on his feet and he said yes because he heard it would be getting cold for the next few days. If anyone wants to contact him, I tagged him in the post and his phone number is 337-526-8917


As temperatures drop, this act of kindness may have gone viral at the perfect time as people seem to be stepping up to help the good samaritan to get on his feet and hopefully seek warmth and shelter.

There are plenty of programs for the homeless, but any act of kindness or generosity can go a very long way for those who are in need—especially at this time of the year.

Hats off to everyone involved in this feel-good situation.