A missing Pennsylvania woman was found dead in her car that had been littered with parking tickets. How does this happen? 

She was found slumped over the passenger seat of her car.

Philadelphia Police Department Lt. John Walker told the local media that the missing woman’s body was beneath a heavy book bag when the body was found. Nadia Malik, a mother of two, went missing on Febraury 10. Calls to the city’s 911 system reporting an illegally parked vehicle prompted the issuance of multiple parking tickets. None of the Pennsylvania public employees who left the eight parking tickets on the car noticed the missing woman’s body inside.

The car had also been moved...The first ticket was given on the day that she went missing. Due to heavy snow storms, the car was towed to the train station.

Police aren't sure if her body was in the car the whole time. Lt. Walker said:

“It’s possible the body could have been in the car at that point but we won’t be able to determine that until tomorrow’s post examination by the medical examiner. Appears from the dirt on the windshield that the car was probably snow covered and the way she was slumped over and positioned in the passenger seat, you really couldn’t see inside the car."

Pretty crazy stuff!



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