Tainted jambalaya at a softball team's fundraiser has officially been deemed responsible for causing over 150 people to fall ill and hospitalizing another 40 in Caldwell Parish.

According to The Advocate, Louisiana health officials say that 158 people contracted a gastrointestinal illness and 40 were hospitalized after eating a chicken and sausage jambalaya at a softball team's fundraiser.

We reported on the original story, but since then most of the hospitalized patients have been discharged as the Louisiana Department of Health says it's still investigating a death that may be associated with the tainted jambalaya.

State officials identified the second pathogen as Clostridium perfringens, a bacterium commonly found on raw meat and poultry, in an update Monday. Dr. Parham Jaberi, assistant state health officer, said the second pathogen may explain why so many people have gotten ill and became ill so quickly.

Out of the 19 jambalaya food samples, five of them have tested positive for Salmonella to date. Results from the other 14 samples are still pending.

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