Hunters for the Hungry is holding their Clean Out Your Freezer food drive this Sunday.

Join the Planet Patrol live at Cajun Field this Sunday as Hunters for the Hungry are encouraging your to clean out your freezers before the upcoming hunting season. Hunters for the Hungry will be gathering frozen game, fish, or anything from your freezer. Your bounty will be distributed to the needy within your community.

The Planet Patrol will be live from 10A-12P.

The Saints game isn't until 7:30 Sunday night, so you'll have plenty of time during the day to donate to a great cause!

If you're unable to make it, Hunters for the Hungry ask that you call staff at (225) 765-2860 or email them at

There are also some other drop-off points around the Acadiana area if you're unable to make it out to Cajun Field:


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