As I'm sure you know by now, Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte is from Lafayette. He does indeed have a minor case of cerebral palsy. He's using his fame that he received from Breaking Bad to help the Shriners Hospitals Campaign, which is where he was treated as a child. 

Be on the lookout for PSA's running starring RJ Mitte for Shriners Hospitals "Love To The Rescue" campaign.

From Inquisitr:

The Breaking Bad star was diagnosed with cerebral palsy — a neurological condition that affects muscles, movement, and coordination — when he was three-years-old.

His family was referred to Shriners Hospital for Children in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he was treated by orthopedic specialists who used a casting procedure instead of surgery.

When the Breaking Bad star was born he was delivered by emergency C-section and wasn’t breathing at the time of his birth, causing permanent brain damage.

A few weeks later, he was adopted by Roy Frank Mitte Jr. and Dyna Mitte.

Doctors put his legs in casts for six months in an attempt to straighten his feet and he was forced to use leg braces and crutches throughout most of his childhood. However, over time thanks to sports and exercise his legs became stronger and when he was a young teenager he no longer needed any walking aid.


And now he is doing what he can to help Shriners Hospitals. He reached out to them according to Shriners Hospitals spokeswoman Misti Dragano:

“He approached us and we approached him at about the same time. Having him as our campaign spokesman definitely increases the awareness of the hospitals. He’s coming off a critically acclaimed show and so can help raise awareness and bring patients in the door who don’t know about us.”


Props to you, RJ!

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