$8 gets you a plate of delicious jambalaya, and all proceeds go to Peyton's Heart Story Fund to help defray medical costs.

Tickets are available for sale at 409 W. Pinhook Rd. in Lafayette.
Day of lunches are July 25 from 11am to 1pm.

Peyton is a 5-month-old baby from Lafayette, born in Boston, Ma., diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (he has a quarter of a left ventricle that has no function (he has half of a heart)), mitral stenosis, and aortic stenosis, he was 7 weeks premature.

He's being treated at Boston Children's Hospital. He had pa banding to his pulmonary arteries at 5 days old, 3 caths, and had open heart surgery (norwood-sano) procedure in February.

He was discharged in April but med-flighted back up to Boston because of low saturations. He is now awaiting his second open heart surgery in Boston.

By purchasing a ticket for the Jambalaya fundraiser, you will help with medical bills and for his third open heart surgery that he will need in a year or two.

Please like the Facebook page "Peyton's Heart Story"

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