The owners of Handy Stop Market & Café, the downtown grocery store that closed earlier this year, will be opening up a new store in the downtown area.

Handy Stop Market & Café

Handy Stop closed in February after opening up to much fanfare just two years prior. The chalkboard signs left up on the building that the store formerly occupied still read, "It's not goodbye, but C U L8r," and it seems fit that they've announced a new store that will serve the same area that came to love them.

Amis Grocery

Bradley Cruice and business partner Rachel Brown will be opening a new store called Amis Grocery.

It will be located in a 900-square-foot space on the bottom floor of the Gordon Square building, the former Poupart’s Bakery space, in mid-July, the owners announced on social media.

The new store will carry over much of what made the Handy Stop a beloved downtown establishment, focusing on healthier options as well as deli and grab-and-go items.

“We’ve shown the need for a grocery store downtown,” Cruice said. “Our previous space may have been a little bit big for what we needed, and this allows us to meet the demand that we showed was needed and focus on the items the customers were interested in. We have two years of data to see what the community is looking for.”

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