Here's a reminder that going viral isn't always a good thing.

Adam Smith was a 37-year-old chief financial officer making $200,000 a year at a medical device company in Arizona.

Then in 2012, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A came out against gay marriage.

So, Smith tried to get hits on YouTube by going to a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, ordering a glass of water and harassing the girl at the window about the gay marriage thing. That made no sense since the employee just worked there. However, she was really nice to him anyway.

So, the internet went into full hate mode after Smith posted the video.

He now says it's ruined his life.

First, he lost his job. There was so much controversy, the company he worked for got bomb threats. They asked him to resign because of all the bad publicity, but he refused. So they fired him.

That that led to him losing his home. With money tight, and he couldn't afford to support his wife and four kids, so they sold most of their stuff and moved into an RV.

He eventually got another job, but got canned again when his new boss found out about the video.

Smith says most companies just don't want the distraction.

He did an interview with ABC News, and said he's on food stamps now. Even people who support gay marriage won't hire him, he said.

He's still trying to cash in on it, though. He just put out a book about the controversy titled Million Dollar Cup of Water.

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