Report Shows Lafayette Is The Most Catholic City In U.S.
A new report by the Barna Group shows Lafayette is the most Catholic city in America. That's right, we have a higher percentage of Catholics in Lafayette than even Boston and New York do with their huge Irish and Italian populations. There's a reason for the three famous Cajun questions of…
Is This For Real?
Santa Inocencia (St Innocence) has been dead for 300 years. Her body is kept on display at the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico. Watch as one tourist got the shock of a lifetime as he's filming video of Santa Inocencia, and she appears to open her eyes to look right at him.
LSU Campus-Wide Email Erases Crosses From Christian Groups Chest [Pics]
There's a group of fans in Death Valley every LSU home game that are painted up to the nines. They are known as the Painted Posse. They are a christian group who while painted up wear a painted cross on their chests. When LSU sent out a campus-wide email out with a picture of the Painted Posse...the…