You're probably going out to eat today. I know you are... you'll take a nice, fresh, hot meal over a soggy sandwich or leftovers any day. Today, you can not only satisfy your desire for good food, you can help support St. Joseph's Diner too!

The annual 'Dine for the Diner' is today. When you eat at a participating restaurant, 10% of your bill goes directly to St. Joseph's Diner to help them feed the homeless in Acadiana. Before you start yelling about the restaurant only making a donation of 10% of your bill, here's what you don't know. Most restaurants operate with only a 10% profit margin. So, in essence, the participating locations aren't making any money today. It's all to help the less fortunate in our area. How do I know such things? My wife's restaurant, Office Hours Sandwich Shop, has been participating in this program for years, as have many great restaurants in town.

So eat out today. Fill your belly, and help feed the homeless.

Here's the participating places:

Another Broken Egg


Bailey’s Seafood & Grill

Blue Dog Café

Charley G’s

Chris’ Po?Boys


Dean?O’s South

Fat Pat’s

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Ground Pat’i Grille

Hub City Diner


Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro


Landry’s Café

Landry’s Café South

Lil’Daddy’s BBQ

Olde Tyme Grocery

Office Hours Sandwich Shop

Pete’s Family Sports Grill

The Saint Street Inn

Tropical Smoothie Café

Village Market (Sugar Mill Pond)

Viva La Waffle

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