According to The Current, Acadiana has the highest number of homeless households in Louisiana.

341 Acadiana households are living in hotel shelters, seconded by 288 families in the New Orleans area. According to the story, Leigh Rachal, the executive director for the Acadiana Regional Coalition for Housing and Homelessness (ARCH), said the Louisiana Housing Corporation has asked housing agencies to stop offering vouchers for people seeking shelter.

According to the LHC website, the COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance program has been temporarily suspended.

If the program does end or runs out of funds, those 341 households (a total of 459 people) will be in need of housing soon.

The Current cites "a lack of available rental assistance and housing within a reachable price range" as being the issue preventing these families from finding more permanent shelter.

If you would like to help or need more information, contact ARCH via their Facebook page.

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