Can't remember what movie it was, but you know a scene in a movie? Describe the scene in your own words, and this website will find it for you!

Have you ever had a scene in a movie just pop in your head, but you don't remember what movie it's from? My wife had this one scene in her head for years, and could never figure out the movie.

Well, she discovered the website whatismymovie? that let's you describe, in your own words, a scene in a movie. After you've described it, a list of movies that match your description come up.

For instance, the scene she remembered was, "At the beginning of the movie, there were children in church. Some one comes in, and just shoots up the place, killing everyone."

We typed pretty much those exact words into the generator, and she boiled it down to one of two movies. It was either Desperado, or Tombstone.

You can also search the site by director, actor, titles, genres, and more. Currently, only English language films are searchable.

The site also gladly takes feedback. So, if you'd like to see a feature on the site, you can send it to them.

Try the site out for yourself!

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