17-year-old Brittany Nicole Creech wanted her senior pictures to reflect a real part of her.

We've all seen (or been in) the senior pictures of an outdoors shot with great lighting. Those are mostly very well done. But do they reflect who you REALLY are?

Creech went to Brendan Batchelor Photography to relay her idea, and it totally worked!

Taco Bell was where her and her friends spent most of their time, and what better way to reflect that than taking her senior pictures AT Taco Bell?!

I'm kinda jealous that this young lady thought of this. My junior and senior year of high school I went to Taco Bell every single day after school. So much so that the people that worked there (most notably Mitch aka Ad-Rock cause he looks just like Beastie Boys Ad-Rock) knew exactly what I ordered, the way I ordered it, and would have it ready for me when I got there. My combo cost $5.03, and would eventually go up to a full $5.05.
Oh, memories.
After high school, my friend and I returned to that Taco Bell. It was its last day open, as they were moving to a newer store nearby, and I choked on a taco. Like, couldn't breathe. I could feel my drink filling up in my throat. I almost went out right there in the Taco Bell dining room. Obviously, that didn't happen, cause I'm here to tell that tale.

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