To pump up the release of Mad Max: Fury Road (which hit stores 9/1), Seattle Uber customers were given the "Mad Max" option.

Not only were Uber users given the option to ride in one of the post-apocalyptic cars from the summer blockbuster, Mad Max: Fury Road, but those particular rides...were FREE!

It's unclear why Seattle was chosen as the city to host this awesomeness, considering how often it rains there, and dry climates are a big part of the Mad Max mythos.

The team-up between Mad Max and Uber was to promote the latest Mad Max movie coming to DVD, as well as the video game, which came out the same day.

Unfortunately Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron weren't driving the vehicles. But this is still badass nonetheless.

Would you pick the Mad Max option while using your Uber app if given the chance?

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