An infestation of bats has prompted officials at one Louisiana high school to once again postpone in-person learning for today. Students at Oakdale High School in Allen Parish were actually informed earlier this week that classes had shifted from an in-person model to a virtual model because of the bat situation at the school. Following the shift in learning for classes on Tuesday the choice was made to go virtual again today while school officials sorted out the bat situation at hand.

No, this isn't the first time that Oakdale High School has had an issue with bats. In fact, several schools in South Louisiana have had an issue with the winged mammals over the past few years. When you think about it, school buildings are a great place for bats. Especially a school building like Oakdale High School.

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The structure is an older structure and it's three stories high. That means there are lots of places for the nocturnal animals to hide during the day. Of course, the noise and activity associated with a school full of children are more than enough to disturb the bats which is how officials at Oakdale High School discovered the most recent issues.

Apparently on Monday as students were in the building several bats got loose in the school. That, as you might imagine, caused quite a disruption and prompted officials to move classes to a virtual format.

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Allen Parish School Officials say they have called in exterminators who hope to ride the building of bats by the time students return to class. The thinking is that if all goes well in the bat mitigation wars that students will be allowed to return to in-person learning by Thursday. However, that is still up in the air and the final decision on when and how classes will be held will be made later today.

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