I have always been attracted to tasks that give the appearance of "not doing a whole lot". I think, besides being an elected official, the appearance of doing something without getting much done would apply to fishing, surfing the web, and now counting bats.

That's right, Louisiana Department of Wildlife Officials are in serious need of some bat counters. It's a legitimate request and the reason for LDWF making the request has to do with tracking a "bat-borne" disease. The condition is known as white-nose syndrome and its affected bat populations in other states. So far, it has not been detected in Louisiana and this is where you come into the picture. Don't worry the disease doesn't affect humans.

Since most of Louisiana's land, about 80%, is private property LDWF agents need your help in counting the bats that flutter in and around your place. If you're interested in helping out with the project you can contact nanderson@wlf.gov via email.

Basically, you'll be sent a form to fill out and given instructions on how to calculate and estimate the bat population where you are. Just in case you were wondering bats are not bad creatures. They eat a lot of insects that cause problems for Louisiana cattlemen and they eat a lot of mosquitoes which spread disease and discomfort throughout the Gulf South.

So, if you're looking for a great reason to sit outside and enjoy a sunset and the dwindling light of dusk, here's the job you've been looking for. Your spouse can't say you aren't doing anything, because you will, in fact, be doing a lot for Louisiana farmers, ranchers, and residents.


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