Irony. It's a funny word that usually leads to funny things. In this case, there is no humor. A Louisiana family is picking up the pieces of their family home in which they've lived for more than 50 years this morning following a devastating house fire that basically reduced the structure to rubble.

The irony in the situation is that the home belongs to Allen Parish Fire Department District 3 Chief Les Kolb and his family. Chief Kolb and his family were reportedly on vacation when he received a call from his granddaughter on Wednesday afternoon.

The fire, according to reports, is believed to have started in the oven. It's unclear at this time if there were items in the oven that ignited or if the oven itself is the culprit in the blaze. Chief Kolb even commented to reporters that in many cases simply closing the oven door will be enough to smother a fire. However, the Chief went on to say that having a good fire extinguisher is always a good idea too.

In a story published by KPLC Television and Reporter Jennifer Lott, Chief Kolb explained that there was not a lot left of the home. He told Lott that there were only a few mementos, some pictures, a family Bible, and some other items there were salvageable in the debris.

Chief Kolb said the home had been in his family since 1967 and while he and his family are lamenting the loss of cherished keepsakes he is still quite grateful that no one was injured and that everyone got out of the house safely.

Meanwhile, support for Chief Kolb and his family has been rolling in from the community. He told KPLC that he does hope to be able to rebuild.

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