The legendary Zakk Wylde was the guest this past weekend on the 'Loudwire Reloaded' radio show hosted by Sandman. If you missed the show, we have the full interview with the Black Label Society frontman posted below. Tune in to 'Loudwire Reloaded' each weekend on select rock stations across the country. In the meantime, check out the Q&A with Wylde here:

Got a very special guest on Loudwire Reloaded this week. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Black Label Society; it is Mr. Zakk Wylde. How you doing, brother?

Hey there, Mikey! How you doing, brother? Just hanging out here on the Black Label Canadian…the winter Man Thong Tour of Doom, right now.

Oh, wow. The Man Thong Tour of Doom. That’s got to be a little cold on the nads, perhaps.

Yeah, but the man thong definitely works up here because it’s heated. It works because, obviously, it goes with my Black Label fishnets I just got done shaping my legs for before I got on the phone.

[Laughs] You’ve got the new Black Label Society album ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’ set to drop on April 8. Man, I’ll tell you what, that first single, 'My Dying Time,' great song and seems like, to me, one of the more radio friendly songs that the band has released in a couple of years.

Well, if you think that’s radio friendly, wait until you get a load of the rest of the album. I’ve ripped off every Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber song I could possibly pick up. Basically, I tell the fellas in the band, “We’re heading to the top.” The top of what mountain? I have no idea. But we’re heading there.

At least you didn’t rip off Avenged Sevenfold.

[Laughs] Right? Hey, listen, man, whatever’s working, we’re stealing. We’ll deal with the lawsuits later on.

So, you guys are on tour now. Tell me about the future plans for tour dates and are you guys playing some of the summertime and radio festivals this year?

Oh, yeah. Without a doubt. Yeah, we’re getting ready to do…We’re out here doing the Canadian “Book Tour of Doom.” We did a short run of this on the East Coast and the West Coast. We got asked when the book came out in paperback, the 'Bringing Metal to the Children,' the sacred parchment ... the whole thing’s ridiculous and true about the music business. You don’t have to make these stories up, they will just happen. But, I mean, the whole thing, when it came out in paperback I said, “Well, instead of just going out and doing a little book tour,” I said, “just book some gigs and we’ll go out and play.” And it basically turned into a Black Label family gathering of Uncle Zakk sitting around and it turns into a George Carlin gig, as well.

So, we definitely have a blast doing it because, like I said, we’re Black Label, we don’t have fans we have fam, so it’s one gigantic family. So, the whole thing is, we all go out and hang out and see everybody and have good time. So, I definitely enjoy doing this. And it’s me and Dario, our guitarist in the band. So, it’s definitely different from when we had the walls and doing them up with all the Marshalls and the full band blasting at them like that. It’s even different than the “Unblackened” thing because that’s the whole band, as well. So, it’s just me and Dario. It’s kind of like Black Label Story Tellers Gone Visibly Wrong.

I love it!

Yeah, so, we get done knocking this out, I go straight from this to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp; which I always have a blast seeing the gang down there. A bunch of cool people. Then, after that I’ve got four days off to clean the dog run. Then come home and win another Nobel Peace Prize, come home with the answer for world hunger, and then hopefully get Led Zeppelin back together for a summer tour ... That’s before brunch ... Then after that we get ready for the Hendrix Experience Tour, which, I am really looking forward to. So, that will be way cool. I’m doing The Metal Masters over in Europe, after that then I come back home and then, once again, I’ll see if I can clean the dog run before lunch this time. Then we get ready to fire up the Black Label Armada for the Revolver Golden Gods Tour. We’re going to have our good buddies Down out there and a whole bunch of other friends come out with us.

So, not a lot going on, in other words. Right?

No, not at all. So, it’s like, between the sex change operations and everything else, my talent is pretty booked.

[Laughs] Well, you’ve got the hair for it, anyway. Beautiful hair!

[Laughs] Yeah. I mean, I’ve got the beard, but if you want to see the ass hair, that is completely out of control!

Try some conditioner!

It’s a madhouse down there!

You could braid it into cornrows or something like that.

[Laughs] I'll always have trouble sitting down on it though.

Well, let’s check out this song, man. Let’s play it. Zakk Wylde, thank you so much for being on Loudwire Reloaded this week.

Take care of yourself, man. I’ll talk to you in a bit, buddy.

Thank you, buddy. Appreciate it!

Thanks to Zakk Wylde for appearing on the Loudwire Reloaded radio show. Fans can pick up the upcoming Black Label Society album, 'Catacombs of the Black Vatican,' (due April 8) at iTunes.

Listen to Black Label Society's 'My Dying Time'

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