Walt Disney is a name that will live on forever. He is the father and creator of the empire that is Disney. There are theme parks, television channels and more named after him and his creation.

What most of us will remember is Disney's incredible film work. I grew up on Disney movies, especially Mickey Mouse. With this large eared fellow, Walt took animation to an entirely new level.

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Sadly, we lost Walt Disney on December 15th, 1966 from lung cancer. But what is really interesting about Disney's death is what he had to say just before he passed. It is rumored that, on a small piece of paper, along with a few other things, he wrote the name 'Kurt Russell.'

At the time, Russell had just entered into a 10-year contract with Disney and was said to have been one of Walt Disney's favorite young actors.

However, when Kurt Russell was shown the piece of paper a few days after Walt's death, he was very confused. Russell said that he and Walt were close, but there was nothing special enough for Walt to have done this. Was it an idea for a new movie or script? Kurt  Russell had no idea what it meant, and still to this day does not know.

This is what he has to say about the whole thing nowadays:


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