Kurt Russell
Courtesy of Jim McIsaac/Getty

Quentin Tarantino's latest movie 'Django Unchained' is filming in New Orleans right now. It's got a hot cast including Jamie Foxx as Django, the awesome Christoph Waltz as his trainer/bounty hunter friend, Leonardo DiCaprio as the evil slave owner who has Django's wife, and many many more great actors (What's up Samuel L. Jackson?). Kurt Russell replaced Kevin Costner in a villainous role that would put him pitting slaves against one another for the entertainment of the public. He's now dropped out of the part...See the details after the jump.

According to totalfilm.com:

"Russell is the second actor to leave the role of Ace Woody, having initially replaced Kevin Costner for the part. Costner had cited scheduling issues, but as yet, no reason has been given by Russell's camp for his departure. 

Woody is one of the film's many villains, a ruthless trainer who pits various slaves against each other for the entertainment of the public. Could it be that the character is too controversial for A-list tastes, or is it purely coincidence that both Costner and Russell have dropped out?"

So, with that being said...who would you like to see replace Kurt Russell in this villainous role??? Tarantino is great at pulling actors careers out of the trenches. Who's career do you think could use a little juicin'?

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