As you probably already know, the first case of the deadly Ebola virus has been diagnosed in the United States. Yesterday, the Center for Disease Control confirmed the diagnosis in a patient from North Texas. The patient is being quarantined at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

The patient is a man visiting the U.S. from Liberia. The CDC said that maybe only a 'handful' of other people have been exposed to the virus, including the man's family and one or two other people. But those people have not shown signs of contracting the virus.

This first diagnosis of Ebola here in the States are leading people to panic because they are afraid of contracting the deadly virus. Yes, the idea of catching Ebola is frightening, but remember that the virus is not airborne. You cannot catch it from just being in the same room with the infected. Ebola is spread through bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, urine and diarrhea.

So, do not hit the panic button just yet. Remember, in West Africa, where this horrible outbreak started, doesn't have the same medical care that we have here at home. Unfortunately, they cannot receive the same treatment we do, like medicines and technology. That is why the death toll is so high there. They do not have the proper means to control the virus. Here in the United States, that is not the case. Our hospitals and doctors have the means to control the spread of the virus.

Ebola is a horrible disease to contract. The first symptoms are almost that of the common cold, which include fever, sore throat, headaches and muscle pains. Then as it gets worse, diarrhea and vomiting follow along with kidney and liver failure. Also, infected people can also bleed from the body internally and externally.

To learn more about the Ebola virus and the first diagnosed case of it here in the United States, visit the official website for the CDC, by clicking the link below: