People from south Louisiana love the beaches and water in Destin, Florida. However, have you ever asked yourself why the water is so nice in Destin?

I have spoken to people who have been to beaches all over the world and they claim some of the prettiest beaches are just five or six hours away from Acadiana, in Destin.

The sand on the beaches in Destin is soft and bright white and the water is simply AMAZING! 

So, what makes the water in Destin so pretty? Its actually a couple of things. For one, Destin is far enough away from the Mississippi River, thus there isn't a lot of sediment in the water, which would make it appear to be murky.

Basically, the beaches in Destin, Fl are not "bogged down" with the leftovers as some beaches are further west (Mississippi and Louisiana).

Next, the color of the water on the Emerald Coast has a slight green tint to it because of the algae in it. Don't worry, its of no harm to you. The sunlight reflects off the algae in the water, thus you get that nice blue or green tint to it.

Sure, some of you are saying, "I already knew that," but its not just one thing that makes the beaches/water so beautiful in Destin. So, if you're heading east in the near future enjoy and as always, help keep Destin beautiful. 



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