Yesterday, we introduced you to Rudy, a panhandler who was lying bout being a homeless veteran.  Free Beer and Hot Wings sent Producer Joe down to the corner that Rudy was working on with a huge sign that said "LIAR ->"  Rudy was not amused.  Since Joe's stunt, Rudy has moved to a different corner and is hopefully getting little to no money now.  But, the story doesn't end there.

This morning, Joe went down to the same corner to panhandle for himself.  But, all of the money Joe collected would go to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  Joe collected $1,085 from generous listeners throughout the morning.  Free Beer and Hot Wings decided to double that number by pitching in themselves, bringing the grand total to $2,170 donated to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

You can watch the original news story from WZZM 13 below.

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