A lot of kids opened up new hoverboards this Christmas, but why is Amazon advising customers to throw them away?

Well, to be clear, Amazon is only telling customers to throw out the unsafe hoverboards. Some of the hoverboards sold on the internet-retailer's website are spontaneously combusting, and have been yanked from their sites.

Amazon is asking people who purchased boards with "non-compliant U.K. plugs" to "proceed immediately to a certified recycling center." Refunds for their purchase will be issued within three days, according to Yahoo.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that your safety and satisfaction is our highest priority

Although they were arguably the hottest item of the holiday season, there have been numerous reports warning of the safety hazards associated with these hoverboards. They have also been banned on airlines—who aren't really keen on things randomly exploding in midair.

A Yahoo article from mid-December has resurfaced in response to the influx of photos and videos of the hoverboards being posted to social media. From people opening them up as gifts on Christmas morning, to others wiping out on them—the hoverboard phenomenon is unescapable.

For those who refuse to give up their beloved hoverboards—despite warnings from Amazon and several videos of them blowing up—at least follow these rules:

1. Never leave the device unattended while it's charging (especially overnight).

2. Check the plug. If it's clover-shaped, there may be trouble.

3. If you are purchasing online, do your research and make sure you can contact the company that manufactured it to vouch for it's safety.

4. Avoid deals that are "too good to be true."

Did you or someone you know get a hoverboard/wheel for Christmas? Any problems?

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Este cura Sí está a la moda con su Hoverboard :v

Posted by FLOW CARTAGENA on Saturday, December 26, 2015

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